European Horting Championship 2019

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European Horting Championship 2019

Dear members of the World Horting Federation! We invite everyone to participate in the European Championships in Horting on November 14-17, 2019 in Daugavpils, Latvia!

The European Horting Championship among junior youth (boys and girls), youth (boys and girls), cadets (boys and girls), juniors (boys and girls), men and women in sections Duel, Form, Fight,” Fight-Show will take place on November 14 17, 2019. Latvia, Daugavpils, Raina Street, 31, Olympic Centre.

Transfers from airports and train stations:
- from Vilnius and Riga International Airports by buses to “Daugavpils” bus station. Distance 140-160 km.

Accommodation of teams:
The teams shall come to Daugavpils in the morning on November 14 (Thursday) - Hotel “Latgola,” Gimnazijas street, 46, Daugavpils, Latvia LV-5401. Tel.: +371 654 04900, Fax: +371 654 20932, е-mail:

The Mandate Commission of the European Championship shall carry out the weighing and registration of the participants in the conference hall of the hotel from 12.00 p.m. on November 14, 2019.
Head of the Mandate Commission – Vasyuk Oleksandr Pavlovych: tel.: + 38-093-130-26-87, е-mail:
Chief Judge of the European Championship – President of the World Horting Federation Yeremenko Eduard Anatoliyovych: е-mail:;
- Head of the European Championship Organizing Committee – President of the Baltic Horting Federation Kabakov Dmytro: tel.: +37-120-370-004, е-mail:
- deputy chief judge of the European Championship Plehanov Vitaliy Valeriyovych: tel.: +38-098-403-95-71, +38-063-936-36-22, e-mail:

All information about competition and regulations you can found in this site:

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Horting is the kind of mix martial arts, which born in Ukraine. This is the national sport of Ukraine.


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